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Dance Leadership for Dance Live!

At the Leadership Skills Foundation, we believe in empowering young people to shape their future and lead their communities. We achieve this by working with a diverse network of centres to deliver qualifications and awards which support learners to develop essential leadership skills. We know that young people’s growth and development benefits from regular physical activity. As with sport, dance has a huge impact on the self-belief, expression and self-management of the young people who take part.

With Dance Leadership we have the opportunity to use dance as a way of supporting learners to develop essential skills they need to plan, develop and deliver activities that bring these benefits to their communities. Our two qualifications in Dance Leadership both offer a blend of theory and experience, giving learners multiple opportunities to put into practice the leadership skills they develop as part of the programme.

We believe in the importance of leadership skill development as an essential expectation for all children and young people. If you believe in this too, we would love to work with you. Click this link to find out more or contact us via email: [email protected]

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