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Dance Live! 2025

The school and college dance event that is taking the country by storm is returning in 2025 with even more locations to choose from!


Dance Live! 2025 registration is open until 5pm, Monday 15th July 2024. Please find a full list of dates and locations below:

Portsmouth Guildhall (Portsmouth):

Monday 27th January SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Tuesday 28th January SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Wednesday 29th January SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Thursday 30th January JUNIORS – AVAILABLE

Friday 31st January JUNIORS – AVAILABLE

Monday 3rd February SENIORS – AT CAPACITY

Tuesday 4th February SENIORS – AT CAPACITY 

Wednesday 5th February SENIORS – AT CAPACITY

Thursday 6th February JUNIORS – AT CAPACITY

Friday 7th February JUNIORS – AT CAPACITY

Winter Gardens (Blackpool):

Wednesday 26th February SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Tuesday 27th February SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Friday 28th February JUNIORS – AVAILABLE

Wycombe Swan (High Wycombe):

Wednesday 12th March SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Thursday 13th March SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Friday 14th March SENIORS – AVAILABLE

G Live (Guildford):

Tuesday 18th March SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Wednesday 19th March SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Thursday 20th March SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Friday 21st March JUNIORS – AVAILABLE

White Rock Theatre (Hastings):

Tuesday 25th March SENIORS – AVAILABLE

Wednesday 26th March JUNIORS – AVAILABLE

Finals take place at Portsmouth Guildhall on Tuesday 22nd to Friday 25th April 2025 (Senior and Junior events to be confirmed after close of registration).

Please note that performance places are offered on a first come first serve basis. Following this, we will aim to give you your first choice of performance date where possible however we are expecting a high number of registration from schools and cannot guarantee allocation of your first choice of performance date. Performance dates may also be allocated depending on numbers of participants from each school to ensure venues do not go over capacity. As dates are filled, we will offer schools the option to join a waiting list.

Performance dates and locations are also subject to levels of registration. We must have enough schools registered to run at least two dates in each location for the event to be financially viable. If we do not have enough schools registered for a location, this location will be removed and we will offer your school the opportunity to attend at the next nearest location.

If you are registering a Junior and a Senior school (e.g. you are an all through school) you will need to complete a form for your Junior school and a form for your Senior school. If you are a Middle School, you must enter either:

• the Junior competition with only participants of Juniors ages
• the Senior competition with participants of Senior ages (and Junior ages if you wish).

Middle Schools are not allowed to compete in the Junior competition with participants of Senior competition ages.

The registration form should be completed by someone that has the authority to make the decision about participating on behalf of your school. Please ensure that you have read the 2025 Information Pack before completing your registration form. For returning schools, new information for 2025 events has been highlighted in yellow.

Please note that by completing the registration form you understand that your school will be liable to a £150 withdrawal fee should your school withdraw from the event after the confirmation of events and dates (approx. mid to late July).

Our delivery of events at each venue depends on the level of registrations. Should we have to cancel an event, you will be offered a space at another venue. If you are unable to attend at the new venue offered, you will not be charged a withdrawal fee.

To complete the registration form you will need the following information:

  • Contact Details (including email addresses for up to two lead contacts and a school finance contact)
  • School details (including full address and Learning Education Authority)
  • Approximate participant and teacher numbers (we are aware these are likely to change in Autumn term but this gives us an idea of venue capacities)
  • Preferred dates and venues
  • Headteacher Signature (a digital signature is required within the form from the lead contact and the Headteacher. The signatures will be made with your mouse cursor if using a desktop, or by finger if using a touchscreen device) 


If you would like to complete your registration in a different format (e.g. by phone or post) please contact the team at [email protected] or call 02393 870196.

Embracing an ever-evolving digital world and how this is changing the face of modern performance, Dance Live! sees those in KS2-4 and Further Education compete with choreographed routines to the backdrop of a giant digital screen with pupils showcasing a range of skills from dance, performance and off-stage technical skills to creative design.

Dance Live! delivers an amazing, inclusive, developmental experience for your students:

  • FREE workshop day for Students and Teachers
  • Experience of performing on a professional stage
  • Develop off-stage and technical skills
  • Develop friendships, teamwork and confidence
  • Health & wellbeing benefits
  • Improve attainment and aspiration levels
  • Links to Ofsted and the Gatsby benchmark

"Thank you so much for an amazing day. the event was so well organised and my children had the best time."

an introduction to dance live!

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