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the event for schools & colleges that is taking the country by storm!

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Strengthening School COmmunities

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Supporting Skills & development

Dance Live! is an exciting event for schools and colleges brought to you by The Guildhall Trust. Dance Live! empowers children and young people, by providing them with the platform and support structures, to create BIG production moments, whilst developing creative and technical skills. 

With a focus on raising aspirations, strengthening health and wellbeing and developing skills for creative career choices, Dance Live! also delivers a range of supportive workshop opportunities for schools.

Dance Live! is driven by 3 guiding pillars: 

  1. Strengthening School Communities: Dance Live! fosters a sense of community and collaboration among schools, students, teachers, and families, by providing a platform for creative expression and enhancing the reputation of participating schools. 
  2. Raising Aspirations: Dance Live! empowers children and young people to push boundaries and strive for new and better ways of doing things by providing them with the platform and support structures to create big production moments. 
  3. Supporting Skills and Development: Dance Live! helps children and young people develop relevant technical and creative skills by engaging them in the creative arts sector and exposing them to the thrill of a big production. 


Embracing an ever-evolving digital world and how this is changing the face of modern performance, Dance Live! sees those in KS2-4 and Further Education compete with choreographed routines to the backdrop of a giant digital screen with pupils showcasing a range of skills from dance, performance and off-stage technical skills to creative design.


Photos by Dance Live! Photographer Vernon Nash and Nick Scott.

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Resources for students who are taking part in Dance Live!

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"Thank you so much Dance Live for the best day ever yesterday! The kids had great fun and the atmosphere was lovely. Thank you to the whole team who have been so welcoming, positive and helpful through the whole journey."


The Guildhall Trust

Dance Live! is produced and managed by The Guildhall Trust, registered charity 1153358, whose vision is to become one of the country’s leading cultural managements – inspiring, entertaining and transforming lives.

Dance Live! is an integral part of The Guildhall Trust’s Get Involved programme which is focussed on supporting the community, skills and creative career development and emerging creatives.

The Guildhall Trust has extensive event management experience and manages the iconic Concert & Conferencing venue, Portsmouth Guildhall. You can find out more about The Guildhall Trust at

® Dance Live! is a registered trade mark of The Guildhall Trust

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