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New to Dance Live?

Dance Live! is an exciting event for schools and colleges brought to you by The Guildhall Trust. 

With a focus on raising aspirations, strengthening health and wellbeing and developing skills for creative career choices, Dance Live! also delivers a range of supportive workshop opportunities for schools.

Embracing an ever-evolving digital world and how this is changing the face of modern performance, Dance Live! sees those in KS2-4 and Further Education compete with a choreographed, 7-minute, dance routine, set to the backdrop of a large digital screen, which they also create the content for, with pupils showcasing a range of skills from dance, performance and off-stage technical skills to creative design.

“Dance Live has made such a difference to so many of our pupils. For a number of our vulnerable pupils attendance has improved. We brought 2 individuals who are selective mutes and have Autism. Just to see them back stage and being part of the whole event has built their confidence and resilience” – Dance Live! Teacher


The Dance Live! Mission

Dance Live! empowers children and young people, by providing them with the platform and support structures, to create BIG production moments, whilst developing creative and technical skills.

Dance Live! is driven by 3 guiding pillars:

  1. Strengthening School Communities: Dance Live! fosters a sense of community and collaboration among schools, students, teachers, and families, by providing a platform for creative expression and enhancing the reputation of participating schools.
  2. Raising Aspirations: Dance Live! empowers children and young people to push boundaries and strive for new and better ways of doing things by providing them with the platform and support structures to create big production moments.
  3. Supporting Skills and Development: Dance Live! helps children and young people develop relevant technical and creative skills by engaging them in the creative arts sector and exposing them to the thrill of a big production.


The Dance Live! Values:

To be Progressive and Innovative – At Dance Live!, we are committed to being at the forefront of performance innovation. We continuously encourage our schools for new and better ways of designing, choreographing and experiencing live performance; embracing change, and pushing the boundaries of performance and technology.

To be Inclusive and Supportive – creating an environment where everyone feels welcome, valued, and supported, regardless of their background or abilities. Our stages are open to performers and technical crew of all genders, ethnicities and creative expression.

To ensure Integrity and Respect – honesty, transparency, and fairness are cornerstones of how Dance Live! operates. We treat every person who engages with us with the utmost dignity and respect. We build trust with our schools and communities to ensure integrity throughout the event.

To be Inspiring and Creative – Dance Live! exists to ignite passion, imagination, and originality in both performers and audiences alike. We believe in the transformative power of modern performance to inspire and uplift. Our events are not just ‘dance shows’, they are large-scale, immersive productions with full artistic and technical integration from our participating schools and colleges.

To ensure Quality – by consistently delivering high standards of excellence in all aspects of our work ensuring that every participating student, teacher, and artist feels moved, inspired, and empowered by their experience with Dance Live!.


Dance Live! Vision:

Dance Live! will become the UKs biggest school’s youth performance and participation model: inspiring, transforming and bringing together, the broadest cross-section of school communities. Through BIG stage and BIG production experiences, Dance Live! will enhance young people’s expressive and technical skills, equipping them to explore the future of modern performance.

Dance Live! is an amazing, inclusive, developmental experience for your students which offers:

what to expect on show day

On a typical Dance Live! event day, schools begin arriving at the venue around lunchtime. We have a welcome and health and safety briefing before schools head to dressing rooms to drop their belongings. Rehearsals begin with each school having up to 25mins to practice their work on the stage – we encourage everyone to watch and support one another where we can! After schools have rehearsed, we run a group warm up with all schools before breaking for dinner.

It’s then showtime! The host will read out your performance bio, your Journey to Dance Live! video will play on the screen while you place your props and performers in their starting positions. Your school will perform and at the end of your routine all performers and stage crew return to the stage to hear the Judge’s feedback – you will only receive positive feedback live from the Judges (any critique will be sent to you in your feedback forms in the days following your event). Your school will head back to your dressing room and, provided there is enough space, a Production Assistant will direct you to audience seating to watch the rest of the show.

At the end of the evening, we will ask for two student representatives and one teacher to return side of stage. You will be given your Creative Achievement Award for the element your school has scored highest in. The host will invite the school representatives onto the stage and the following awards will be given:

  • Journey to Dance Live! Video Award
  • Dance Live! Technical Award
  • Dance Live! Fellowship Award
  • 3rd Place
  • 2nd Place
  • 1st Place


The Award Ceremony usually takes around 10mins maximum. Schools are directed back to dressing rooms to collect belongings and will be guided by Production Assistants to exit the building. You can find a full breakdown of Junior and Senior event timings below:

Junior Event: CLICK HERE

Senior Event: CLICK HERE

In the days following your event, lead teachers will be sent Judges Feedback Sheets and a FREE copy of your individual school’s performance video along with an option to purchase your school’s photographs. Dance Live! will provide watermarked photographs on request.

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